Recruiting is an essential part of building top performing teams and we use a rigorous search and selection process designed to help clients find and recruit the skills their business need to prosper

“Getting the right people In the right jobs is a lot more important than strategy.”…”Change doesn’t come from a slogan or a speech, It happens because you put the right people in place…”

Jack Welch ( GEC ..13 to 550 billion $)

We aim to become an extension of your business: a true business partner. Whilst we welcome being measured against the competition, we aim to work for our clients on an exclusive basis as part of the reciprocity of that partnership. Our approach is process driven and our process is designed to attract and retain the best for your requirements.

Our experience lies in the building materials & construction, engineering and manufacturing industries. However the comprehensive nature of our process is transferable to just about any commercial sector.

Our chosen focus in terms of seniority is Director, Senior Management, Middle Management, Senior Technical and Senior Sales and Administrative positions upwards of £30K. For an established business partner we will endeavor to help on a more junior level if required.

We will happily discuss the demonstrably successful processes we have developed on a no obligation basis. If people and quality assurance are important to you, please  contact [email protected]  to see how we can add value for you.

Business is about people and we’ve been placing Top Performers for clients since we started.

Working to add value for Clients we measure Retention Rate not fees to ensure value delivery.

Open or Completely Confidential and ‘Blind’ ……we find, match and place Leaders and Effective Managers.