Results Count! We base our approach on a practical hands on approach that don’t just seek to identify issues but to apply solutions. Our aim is to up-skill your people and organisation not make you dependent on ours!

Strategic Consultancy

Far from being vague, nebulous and distant; good strategic planning addresses the big questions of ‘what business should we be in’ through a process of painstaking attention to detail. Starting with a clear objective and then thorough & honest understanding of ‘where we are now’ we work towards every-day action plans that implement the strategies we have helped to formulate which in turn are designed to meet the objectives originally agreed.
Sounds so simple yet strategic planning and implementation is often misunderstood, poorly structured, overdosed with speculation and poorly communicated to those upon whom the plan’s delivery is dependent. The ability to think creatively and assess risk is an important ingredient in the management mix, but strategic planning is not about the ability to shoot from the hip in the direction you just happen to be facing in the hope that you nail something worthwhile. It’s about setting the direction on as much solid information as can be garnered. It’s about putting together an implementation plan that acknowledges the things your business is good at and the things the business may need to improve upon.. It’s about dealing with threats and maximising the positive; and it’s about constructing, resourcing and communicating a plan that is credible, thorough and inspiring.

Operational Consultancy

Operational issues will determine how good a business is in it’s chosen sector. Efficiency, attractiveness as an employer, ability to attract funding, profitability and cash flow are all fundamentally shaped by strategic considerations. But what makes a business stand out from it’s competitors in a substantive way is in the detail of how it goes about that business from hour-to-hour and day-to-day.
Policies and procedures governing all aspects of selling, processing, delivering and servicing as well as the attitude of the business to it’s people will combine to form the ‘corporate personality’. This will determine ‘how we do things around here’ which in turn will have a very significant impact on business performance – however that is measured.
The complexities of managing people and processes and their interdependencies present managers with serious and plentiful issues – how these issues are dealt with will determine your position in the order of merit in your particular industry/sector.
Improving how things are done is at the core of good management. Sound problem analysis and a clear appreciation of strategy are pre-requisites in formulating operating policies and procedures. Distinguishing the wood from the trees and the availability of appropriate expertise and tools are often limiting factors. Outside help in these circumstances can make the difference – our expertise and business synopsis methodology is one way to make that difference tangibly.

MBA has many years of experience deliveing Tangible Measurable and Value Adding consultancy to clients in both strategic and operational fields:-

Client Recommendations

“industry experience coupled with real creative and adaptive thinking enabled us …. to come up with some radical solutions”  MW

 “challenges the status quo, prevents complacency and helps to maintain a focus on the key issues of the momen” JO

“very professional, focused ” GD

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