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Presentation Skills

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Who is the course for?

Increasingly, company representatives are expected to be effective ‘presenters’, both face to face and on camera. The age of the moving image is here and for most, there’s nowhere to hide. At the same time, audiences are increasingly discerning – their expectations of speakers/presenters ever more demanding.

This training is for anyone who wants to improve their presentation skills, and learn techniques to be able to communicate their company’s brand and offer with confidence (even those who are not naturally gifted).

Training aims and learning outcomes

During the training, you will be given an in-depth understanding of the principles of effective presenting in a variety of different contexts (face to face in small or large groups, live and pre-recorded webinars/videos, panel discussions, conferences, new business pitches). Equal emphasis is given to content and performance so that by the end of the course you will know:

  • How to achieve greater confidence (dispelling the myths; learning lessons from Olympic gold medallists and Dave Brailsford’s aggregation of marginal gains concept)
  • How to prepare content/plan key messages which are relevant to the audience
  • How to structure content to make it engaging and memorable
  • How to make technical content accessible and clear
  • How to maximise the available preparation time
  • Your individual performance strengths/weaknesses; how to maximise/minimise them while maintaining an ‘authentic’ rather than ‘trained’ style
  • How to present to camera (as opposed to a live audience). The specific performance techniques associated with filmed presentations/interviews
  • How to use visuals and handouts (eg PowerPoint) to their maximum potential and avoid the most common mistakes
  • How to use presenting to develop a ‘personal brand’ and to underpin the brand of your company
  • How to combat nerves in order to be able to perform well under pressure
  • How to assess and critique your own performance for ongoing self development
  • How to ‘shine’ as brightly as you can.

Overall, you will leave the training room with increased confidence in your ability to give a presentation (face to face or filmed). You will have acquired a framework/structure for preparing appropriately and the practical tools to be the very best you can be at each future event.

Training content and format

The course content is tailored to your specific needs/objectives/experience, and takes the form of hands-on, interactive workshops (including filming and reviewing a pre-prepared 5 minute presentation). The sessions are built around realistic exercises and practical advice based on Jayne Constantinis’s day-to-day work as a presenter/speaker/voice over artist. In a supportive and collaborative atmosphere, you are given a step by step guide to presenting best practice, to enable you to prepare, rehearse, perform to maximum effect. Excellence in presenting/public speaking is shown to be based on thorough technique, logical process and a positive mindset.

You will make tangible progress during the session.

A programme of on-going support and encouragement is provided for up to six months after the session.

Course practicalities

Courses can be held at your premises or at The Clubhouse (Grafton Street, London W1).

One to one – 3 hours

Rehearsal session – up to 2 hours (via Skype, if needed)

Up to 4 people – 4 hours

5 or 6 people – 6 hours

Course trainer

The course trainer is Jayne Constantinis  – a highly experienced speaker/presenter/voice over who has been delivering training courses for more than 20 years. Jayne’s range of experience includes: live announcing on BBC Television; business reporting on BBC World; fronting corporate programmes for blue-chip companies (Barclays, Sainsbury’s); facilitating large, complex live events (Dept of Health, Lloyds). She started her working life in corporate communications for Valin Pollen and Wolff Olins.

Clients include blue chip corporates, small businesses, individuals, Olympic super stars, lawyers, diplomats, teachers.

She learned journalism at the LCP, has an acting diploma from the Royal Academy of Music and a Modern Languages degree from Cambridge.

“Jayne has achieved great results working with my (very) corporate client with extremely positive feedback from every session she has run over the last few years. The client specifically requests Jayne over other trainers because she engenders confidence and generates amazing results. I’ve seen people who were previously frozen stiff in front of a camera transform after training with Jayne.”Amber Key, Twofour Group