Linkedin and inaccurate profiles on our company page Caveat Emptor !!

We are having problems with LinkedIn showing profiles for people who are not employees of MBA Associates Ltd on our LinkedIn company page and reported this to them on the 24th of April 2016, despite this there are still today (9th May) multiple profiles on our page for people listed as our employees who are not. Apparently LinkedIn can just add your profile to a company without your knowledge or agreement and then if the company objects they contact you. We have done this and LinkedIn have contacted the people concerned one of whom replied with a counter notice. Despite the fact he DID NOT say he worked for MBA Associates Ltd simply that he had a business of a similar name in GA LinkedIn now say we have to sue him if we want his profile removed, a bizarre way to go about things we think but that seems to be the stalemate.

The alternative way forward was that LinkedIn suggested we sue them!  we don’t think we’ve come across a company where the answer to a reasonable customer service request is ‘sue me’ but that is seems is where we are (they kindly sent the information on where to serve documents on them, if you need it please contact us we’d be happy to pass it on ).

So apologies if you are looking at our Linkedin page now but we don’t have the 17 employees across the world in the U.S. , Canada, Nigeria Ghana etc our REAL associates are shown on our people page here 

If we can’t resolve this we will obviously have to have the page taken down (we can’t do that ourselves either!) a shame but we obviously can’t have our reputation damaged by LinkedIn in this way.

The lesson is that if you are using LinkedIn as a recruitment tool or for background information then caveat emptor ! We are all grown ups and know that candidates are sometimes economic or the reverse on their CV’s but you may be getting information from LinkedIn that is inaccurate and the candidates doesn’t even know