ERP Without Betting The Farm

A True ERP solution without ‘Betting the Farm’ and ditching your window fabrication software

It’s a dilemma we see in successful growing businesses:-

  • Your business has grown and needs integrated systems – one set of data from prospect to invoice
  • You need Joined up systems that don’t rely on constantly re-keying the same information (or what you hope is the same !)
  • Spreadsheets and separate pieces of software that don’t talk to each other are costing you hours of labour and mistakes
  • Reporting that requires hours of work as well
  •  Answering simple customer questions involves a hunt for information (or a guess!)
  • CRM that’s not joined up

BUT – you have well developed industry software that is great at producing bills of materials and you’ve invested in it over the years, what’s more your customers use it for remote ordering and it places your glass orders. Ditching it would truly be BETTING THE FARM – a huge project and a major risk!

MBA working in partnership with a truly sector leading Microsoft Partner have successfully integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Window Designer to give a truly integrated software solution across the whole of our client’s business.

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